Stoni Athi



Named after the legendary Kenya Army shooting range within the locale of the resort, every mouthful, every drop, every glance; dining at Stoni Athi Resort is an experience. A world-class natural setting and our hugely experienced culinary team, Stoni Athi Resort excels in the freshness and quality of its food which is supported by the resort’s unique combination of fresh organic produce from its own vegetable and herb garden. The food quality and standards embody those of the renowned Kenyan & international cuisine. Barbeques ala Kenyan Style i.e. Nyama Choma as they are popular known are one of the signature dining experiences.

All meals are served at the Range Restaurant. The restaurant is fitted with elaborate buffet counters and live cooking stations all set to tempt and please your palate. Our chefs are readily available to cater for most special dietary requirements and meal preferences.


Derived from the military roots, “The Mess” feels special from the moment you open the doors into the polished, regal spaces, which incorporate the original a relaxed atmosphere – adjacent to the hotel’s restaurant. For that cool and smooth drink, be it a Cocktail Explosion, a whisky Smash or a cold frosty beer this is the place to be. Our experience barman will “fix” one for you!


Breakfast – Kshs. 2,000 Lunch – Kshs.2,500 Dinner – Kshs. 2,500